When Should Windows be Washed?

When Should Windows be Washed?

Most homeowners treat window-cleaning as a chore or a seasonal task. This would work if your windows do not get dirty at all or they are not exposed to dust and allergens. But that is not always the case. Depending on where your home is located, or the season, you might have to clean your windows on a regular basis or not. The question you are asking yourself is “when should windows be washed?” Here are some tips on how to know when to wash your windows.

Clean when your windows are dirty

Obviously, the best time to clean your windows is when they get dirty. Dirt and dust can make your windows look unsightly. If you live in an area where there is a lot of dust, you might have to clean your windows regularly. If there are things that make your windows dirty, for example, bird poop, you might also want to wash your windows regularly.

Seasonal cleaning

Another best time to clean your windows is every time the season changes. During spring, a lot of allergens, especially pollen, may make your windows look dirtier than usual. Cleaning them every time you notice dirt will help you avoid any accumulation. Summer is also another best season to clean your windows. If you have many windows or high-rise ones, this could be the best time because they will dry faster. If you live in a lady area, you might want to do a thorough cleaning during autumn. This is also the best time to clean your gutters and get rid of any blockages. Winter rain can help you maintain clean windows, however, if this is accompanied by dirt, you may also want to consider winter window cleaning.

Why choose a professional window cleaner for the job?

Cleaning windows may look like a simple task until you have to clean several of them at once or you do not have time to do it at all. The good news is that professional window cleaners can help you. All you have to do is schedule a cleaning session with the experts, preferably every season, to ensure that you maintain clean windows throughout.

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