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There’s an old joke in the service industry. “I don’t do windows.” You might hear this from a maid, housekeeper, janitor, or other maintenance people. Well, it turns out that window cleaning – Tampa Bay or elsewhere – is much more complex than you might think.

Maids almost always get a complaint which they can’t resolve, and eventually, they stop offering the service altogether. Television shows from the 60s-80s used that joke quite a lot. Windex even picked up on it in a commercial.

In a big area like Tampa Bay, window cleaning services seem like they would be all over the place. Yet time and time again there are people who do full house cleaning but still “don’t do window cleaning.” Have you ever wondered why?


Things To Consider For Tampa Bay Window Cleaning

Now don’t get us wrong, washing windows isn’t DIFFICULT, it just requires a different set of skills than sweeping or mopping. Perhaps these are the reasons why so many people say “we don’t offer window cleaning”

Leaving Ugly Streaks Behind 

When you’re cleaning a wall or a floor, you get the same amount of streaks as you do when cleaning a window. The difference is that streaks aren’t bothersome when the material is opaque. When dealing with transparent glass, it’s extremely clear and can become distracting.

Double The Work

Also when you’re cleaning a floor, it’s not necessary to clean the OTHER SIDE. Windows are the only thing in your house that you need to clean on both sides to get a visible difference. If you have 10 window frames with 6 panes each, that’s 120 sides to clean! The amount of work can stack up pretty quickly!

Cleaning High Windows & Safety

Not all windows are located on the first floor. Second story windows can’t just be hosed from a distance, and they’re too fragile to be pressure washed from the ground. You need an extended water-fed pole with expensive water filtration systems or you’re going to have to do it the old fashioned way and ‘ladder up’. You also need to be skilled enough to get the job done with said materials.

Cleaning Windows Over & Over

What if you clean a window but there are streaks, or it still looks dirty? You clean it again… and again… and again until it looks good. When it comes to windows, it’s the only true solution. When you factor in the above points (location and windows being double-sided), you’ll see how this can become time-consuming.

New Construction Window Cleaning

When you’re building a new home (or renovating an old one) your windows have special considerations. From the stickers and labels on new windows to manufacturer stamps and marks, to caulk and paint over-spray left from the new construction. There are very specific concerns that need to be addressed and it might not be as straightforward as one might have originally imagined. Like we said it’s not DIFFICULT. It’s just TROUBLESOME. The job always looks small from the outside, but to the people doing the washing, it can become a monumental task. Luckily for you, we can handle all of these pains for you!

What Causes Streaks or Spotting?

When cleaning a window with a squeegee, improper technique can cause streaking or the sun drying the soapy water on the glass to quickly can also cause issues. When cleaning with spot-free water improper techniques and poor rinsing can cause spotting on the glass. We have trained all of our staff to never leave behind streaks or spotting. In window cleaning that’s what it all comes down to – eliminating streaks and spots. How much dirt you remove from the window doesn’t matter in the slightest unless it’s LOOKS clean and is streak-free afterward.

We provide the best window cleaning Tampa Bay has to offer and promise you a streak-free and spot-free window cleaning service. Try us out risk free today and get a Free Quote!

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How We Avoid Leaving Streaks

Streaking is all about evaporation. When the liquid part of your cleaner evaporates, it leaves behind solids. As these solids are wiped around they become streaks… and then you have to clean all over again.

In regards to this all-important evaporation, not every window cleaning solution is the same. The label might SAY “All-purpose cleaner, works on granite, wood, counters, and glass. Guaranteed streak-free!” but you can’t always believe what you see. In general, we stay far away from anything that claims to be ‘multipurpose.’

Why? To cleaner manufacturers, multipurpose probably means it has a high alcohol percentage. Alcohol is great for disinfecting surfaces and killing bacteria… but it also evaporates incredibly quick (which is why it’s used as a perfume base).

If it’s a hot and sunny day, you’re probably not going to get the job done before a fair amount of your ‘multipurpose’ liquid disappears.

That’s why we always use simple and eco-friendly soaps or none at all by utilizing spot-free water fed pole cleaning.

Window Cleaning Solutions

There are many factors to consider in order to get a perfect and spotless window. Our professional approach uses the best and latest window washing supplies and tools to bring Tampa Bay the best window cleaning service possible! Our skilled technicians can also remove paint and any other construction materials from your windows without scratching them! Other window cleaners either don’t have the proper tools to test your windows and safely remove stuck-on material or they are not properly trained on how to do so safely. Sadly, we have seen many windows that have been scratched so bad that the window needs to be restored or completely replaced. You won’t have to worry about any damages when you hire Tampa Bay Window Cleaners. We also can safely clean your windows even 40ft high with our water fed poles and pure water filtration systems.

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Let Us Clean Your Windows For You!

We hope that the above advice was of some help. If you find yourself running into a barrage of services who “don’t do windows” you can always give us a call. It’s not just that we know the theory, we can execute it too. We like to think that we’re the Tampa Bay window washing service you’ve all been waiting for. 

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