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Commercial Window Cleaning Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay Commercial Window Cleaning

Before they even enter the building, employees and customers alike see the exterior of your building. The parking lot, the walls, and of course the windows. Just like “eyes are the windows of the soul,” your windows can say a lot about your business.

That’s why in Tampa Bay, commercial window washing is extremely important. There are dozens of benefits to having sparkling clean windows and relatively few drawbacks, and there are some very real reasons you want the pros to take care of the window washing for you.

Benefits of Clean Windows

Dirty, grimy, or smudged windows are a huge turn off to your customers, clients, and employees. It affects how much revenue your business can bring in, as well as the performance of your staff. Having a trusted window cleaning partner will ensure that your windows are always clear and in tip top shape. When you partner with Tampa bay window cleaners you’ll never have to worry about your business looking dirty again! 

Clean Windows = More Money

Clean windows generate more business! It’s not just a theory, there have been studies confirming the fact. Research company Morpace released a study that found something quite surprising. More than half of customers will reject the possibility of buying from a business that is physically unappealing. The building space itself along with its decor and cleanliness will prime a customer to start spending – or to avoid it altogether.

This judgment starts before they even enter the establishment, as they look through your windows. So which is better: looking through grimy windows or spotless windows?

Clean Windows = Happy Employees

How did you choose your building’s lights? Were they chosen with employee happiness and productivity in mind or was it a decision based on price?

Studies have found that offering plenty of natural blue sunlight makes employees feel happier, more awake, and more productive. As such, keeping clean and streak-free windows is of utmost importance. Having a clean work environment keeps your staff happy and productive.

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What You Can Expect With Our Services

We specialize in buildings up to 40ft Tall

Whether you have a small single-story building, or something a bit taller – we offer the best commercial window washing Tampa Bay could ask for.

Of course, cleaning windows on the first story is easy, but there are dozens of different techniques for cleaning windows traditionally out of reach. From ladders to scaffolding and beyond.

When a customer asks for windows cleaned on the second or third floor, we use water-fed poles to reach the unreachable. This way you don’t have to worry about the liability of someone scaling your building.

You also don’t have to worry about the installation of unsightly scaffolding or lifts. The water-fed poles are fast and dynamic, allowing us to be in-and-out before it’s an inconvenience to you or your customers. We leave you with cleaner windows that will make your building look like new!

A Window Cleaning Team You Can Trust!

Window washing isn’t the same as any other service. When you get an exterior, walkway, or parking garage clean, it’s an exterior event. Windows present a two-sided problem – if the outside OR inside isn’t cleaned, the entire window is functionally dirty. So, of course, our service provides cleaning interiors AND exteriors.

We also understand the perceived hassle or inconvenience of having a service person inside your building. As a top-rated Tampa Bay commercial window cleaning service, we address this on multiple fronts:

Firstly- each one of our employees is trained to be minimally disruptive. If you have employees working while we’re cleaning we will be as unobtrusive as humanly possible to maintain productivity for your staff.

Secondly- while other service providers hire anybody willing to do the job indiscriminately, we’re picky about our employees. A good, honest work ethic means a lot to us, and so we guarantee that any one of our employees stepping foot within your property will uphold the highest standards of respect and trustworthiness.

Pure Water Window Washing

You may not know whether your on-site hookup has hard water or soft water, but the difference between the two is monumental. We’ll scout or test the water beforehand to see what we’re working with before we get started.

Hard water contains minerals that make window washing counter-productive. When you clean with hard water you’re just ADDING additional minerals and impurities to the windows. Calcium can build up and when the water dries your left with spots all over your glass and potentially stains on your windows. When mixed with detergents and soaps it forms “soap scum” instead of leaving a nice clear window.

To get pure spot-free water the water needs to be filtered and conditioned to remove the impurities. Regardless of your water hookup, we have the capability to create it on the fly with our portable filtration system. This guarantees clean windows every single time by professionals who know what they’re doing.

Streak-Free Commercial Window Cleaning

Do you ever wonder why streaks form when you clean windows, but a professional can get it right every single time? It all comes down to technique, supplies and materials used.

A streak forms when there’s left-over dry material after the clean. Perhaps the cloth, towel, or rag being used has the residual cleaner on it from another wash, or it is dirty, to begin with. The leftover dirt dries and forms a dirty streak.

Alternatively, the towel may be clean but the cleaner may have too high an alcohol percentage. Because alcohol evaporates faster than water, this leads to the liquid part of the solution drying before the clean is complete, which leaves streaks behind.

It can ALSO happen if your towel isn’t absorbing enough. After the window has been wet, the now-dirty water needs to come OFF of the window. If any is left ON it will eventually dry without actually removing the dirt.

Because of these reasons we never use towels on your glass other than touching up an edge or wiping a ledge. We will either squeegee your windows perfectly leaving behind no streaks, or wash your windows with pure water leaving a spot free finish. To get the best commercial window cleaning Tampa Bay has to offer reach out to us today for a free quote.

Tampa Bay Commercial Window Cleaning

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