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Tampa Bay Pressure Washing

For many homeowners in Tampa Bay, power washing isn’t at the top of their to-do list. This is probably because many people have heard of pressure washing but don’t know what “pressure washing” actually means or the benefits it provides.

It’s pretty simple: Pressure washing doesn’t (typically) rely on soaps or cleansers or detergents. Instead, it uses the high-power force of pressurized water to blast dirt and grime off of your property. There are plenty of variants where you might adjust pressure, temperature, and add some additional solvents to get the job done.

Our Tampa Bay pressure washing services can remove grime and stains that would be impossible to remove by any other means.

There’s more that goes into pressure washing than just simply owning a pressure washer and blasting away. We’d like to show you some situations where pressure washing would be a HUGE benefit to your home, making it look spectacular, all while saving you both time and money.

Concrete & Driveway Cleaning

Concrete cleaning may seem straightforward at first. Many homeowners and business owners think it’s as easy as just washing it down with a garden hose. While that may get the concrete somewhat cleaner in the short term, it does little to nothing to solve the bigger issues plaguing your concrete surfaces.

When cleaning concrete, you need to think about what you’re trying to remove from the concrete. Are you trying to remove oil and rust stains in a parking lot? Are you trying to remove mold and mildew growing on the concrete around your pool? Depending on what it is you want to remove, there will be differences in how we pressure wash your property.

If you’re a business owner or garage owner, our Tampa Bay pressure washing is absolutely essential to the aesthetic appearance of your business. Oil, rust, battery acid stains, etc. are all common in parking lots, driveways, and garages. You may have even had another service company come out to try and remove the stains. The thing is, most stain remover products don’t work all that well, so you were probably left disappointed.

Our Tampa Bay pressure washing services won’t disappoint you. We use only the best stain remover in the business. No matter what the stain is, we’re able to remove it. When we’re done cleaning and power washing your concrete, you’ll be amazed at how new everything looks.

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Tampa Bay Paver Cleaning

Since Tampa Bay has incredible weather year-round, many homes have what is called pavers aka paving stones. Pavers are mainly used as a walkway through gardens, to the patio, or from the driveway to the front entrance of the house.

Since pavers are meant to be walked on, they get filthy fast. Sweeping helps remove some larger debris, but what do you do about the caked-on dirt? Our customers know that in Tampa Bay, power washing is the ideal method of cleaning.

If your pavers are in the garden, there’s no need to worry about all the plants and foliage nearby. We cover everything sensitive with a tarp before we begin power washing. We then pull any weeds that have grown between the pavers and clear off any moss.

One of the most important steps in paver cleaning is power washing the pavers before using any detergents. If detergents are used first, the pavers will only soak up the cleanser and end up looking cloudy. The best way of cleaning pavers is by first power washing, then using detergent, and then power washing again to rinse the cleanser away. If you’d like to ensure that the pavers stay in great shape for as long as possible, we will also seal them for you.

Tampa Bay Deck Cleaning

For our customers living in Tampa Bay, power washing decks and patios are one of our most popular services. With all the beautiful weather Tampa Bay sees, our customers love to get plenty of natural vitamin D from the sun.

Most homes and even apartments have a deck where the owner can relax or entertain. If you’re using your deck often, that means there’s a lot of foot traffic. Dirt and algae end up being spread around easily. Although there’s beautiful weather here, there’s also a lot of rain. Mold and algae growth is amplified by rain and the humidity.

Our goal is to not only make your deck look presentable again, but to also make it safe again. Mold, fungi, and algae all penetrate the wood and make it deteriorate at a rapid rate.

Bleach is a popular way to eliminate mold and fungi growing on decks. The problem with bleach is that it can bleach out, as in, whiten the wood fibers. This is usually not an issue, especially if the wood is being painted or stained with a solid color afterwards.

Another way of cleaning wood decks, and Tampa Bay Window Cleaners preferred method, is by using specialized solutions to remove the dirt and algae but keep the natural wood luster without damaging the fibers. This method of restoring wood to its former glory is slightly more labor intensive, but the results are far superior to any other standard cleaning method.

Our customers agree that in Tampa Bay, power washing is the most effective way of cleaning and restoring decks and patios. If your deck has already started to have some structural issues, we will soft wash the deck instead so as not to splinter the wood.

Commercial Pressure Washing

Business owners know how important first impressions are to customers. Great service is wonderful, but that’s not the only thing that a customer looks for. First, the customer needs to feel comfortable even entering your business. This is where our pressure washing services come in.

Whenever is convenient for you, we will transform your business and make it stand out from the rest – in the best way possible. We will pressure wash the building, including all siding and walkways, parking lots and all entrances to the building. We can then finish the job with our commercial window cleaning services. We like to go above and beyond, though, so we’ll even pressure wash the dumpster area if there is one. We believe the best first impressions come from paying attention to the little details.

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Our Power Washing Guarantee

We offer the best pressure washing Tampa Bay has to offer. We have the experience and expertise needed to tackle anything you need to be washed. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal. If you are unsatisfied for any reason at all, give us a call and we will make it right.

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